Houston Texans Offseason Needs Part II Defensively the Texans are in relatively good shape,Carson Wentz Jersey, due to development of several players this past season and a number of early round picks that are in the starting group.Doug Martin Jersey. The Texans finished the season ranked 3rd in yards allowed in the league.Ezekiel Elliott Jersey. Expect very few draft picks to be used on defense in 2016 but there are a few spots where depth is needed.Mike Evans Jersey. J.Laremy Tunsil Jersey.J.Mark Ingram Jersey. Watt is the reigning and repeat Defensive Player of the Year.Carson Wentz Jersey. He's a shoe-in to be a force year-in and year-out.Darrelle Revis Jersey. Vince Wilfolk filled the role he was brought in for,Jason Witten Jersey, although he has obviously lost some of what made him a great player in New England.Aaron Rodgers Jersey. Pro Football Focus graded Wilfork at #60 in the league among defensive linemen. A serious drop, but still somewhat productive at times. Jared Crick is a free agent this offseason, but Crick may wish he'd been a free agent last year when he was coming off a solid season. This season Crick did not grade out very well coming in at #117 among defensive lineman. By doing simple math, with 32 teams and some with three down linemen and some with four, that puts him near the bottom among starters. It will be interesting if that cost him and how much the Texans value his contribution